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We are proud to add further to our AFS Wing range and present to you our new gem: the AFS DIAMOND.

After the success of the AFS WILF wing released in 2020 and the further arrival of the WILD, the DIAMOND now joins the AFS wing range. Extensively tested and developed for over a year by our AFS Pro rider and test team, taking onboard all rider feedback, the DIAMOND is the result of successful experience, great design, the best materials and importantly, listening to your needs.

Discover the new AFS DIAMOND wing.

Un diamant est présenté dans un carré noir et blanc

A tri-radial, taught canopy characterised by the optimised panel cut and their orientation. The radial cut allows the seams and material fibres of the canopy to be oriented in the direction of the forces generated.  This assembly brings improved control of the shape of the wing increasing rider feel. It offers smooth power control and the ability to maintain shape throughout the life of the wing minimising deformation and stretch. Furthermore, the profile line of the wing (the most curved part) has been marked by a change in the direction of material fibres. This provides the DIAMOND with additional stability and power control.

Logo noir et blanc avec les mots "Bienvenue dans le monde de Werner"

The development team worked on the twist of the wing through the control of the progressive leading edge tube diameter and by stiffening the canopy of the wing. The DIAMOND wing reacts in the same way as a windsurfing sail where release twist is controlled. This evolution ensures unparalleled stability of the wing as well as a wide range of use. No matter the conditions, the DIAMOND offers the perfect balance between performance, stability and comfort.

Icône carrée blanche et noire avec un casque

Each size of the DIAMOND has been prototyped and optimised independently. Each leading edge tube diameter has been adapted to each wing size, allowing for the best stiffness-to-weight ratio. The length-to-width ratio is also optimized for each size. For example, on the DIAMOND 6m, we reduced the ratio to increase compactness resulting in the size of a 5m WILF but with the power of a 6m.

Le logo de l'entreprise est présenté en noir et blanc

Much attention has gone into the handles resulting in superbly placed, stiff, responsive and comfortable strap-style handles. These offer a perfect combination of precision, response, feel and comfort with built-in dyneema fixing knots for harness lines.

Le logo K est présenté en noir et blanc

Strategic and effective Kevlar reinforcements are well placed, particularly on the leading edge and wing extremities to ensure carefree resilience and durability.


Triple Ripstop Techfiber 55g/m2. An advanced, highly durable canopy material to maintain its rigidity in the most dynamic of use and testing of weather.

Tubes / struts

Dacron, Dimension Polyant (high-end brand) 160g/m2 resistant to elongation, increases stiffness and durability of the wing. Both the inside of the leading edge and the rear handle of the central strut are also doubled in Dacron again increase overall wing stiffness and performance.

Seam protection

Band inside the canopy (at the level of the leading edge) further increasing wing longevity.


Insignia strip at the leading edge of the canopy further improves the overall support of the wing profile helping give consistent power.

Hard PVC

Hard PVC on the canopy ear to protect the wing when inflating, or at rest. Hard PVC also at the bottom of the central strut protecting against where it may drag when ashore.


Essential for extended flagging, neoprene padding surrounding the freefly handle offers total rider comfort and enjoyment. The perfectly placed freefly handle further supports overall wing stability when let loose riding waves, fully allowing the rider to forget the wing and focus on the ride!

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