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Downwind Foil

Expertise in downwind: quality equipment, advice, French carbon production.

The "SUPFoil" is a variant of the stand-up paddle (SUP) that integrates a hydrofoil into the board.


Downwind foils (full foil, mast, stab, front wing, etc.)


Boards that allow you to practice downwind.


Accessories for downwind.

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What is supfoil?

What is a Foil?

Hydrofoil: This is a kind of wing mounted under the board. Drag Reduction: As the board is not in direct contact with the water, drag is considerably reduced, allowing a smoother glide.

Sup Foil

The SUPFoil combines stand-up paddling with the addition of a hydrofoil under the board.


  • Surfing: Used for catching waves, SUPFoils allow you to surf with less effort, catching smaller or less powerful bumps than a traditional board could.
  • Down wind Paddling: Popular for down wind traverses, where riders use the waves and wind to propel the board.
  • Flat Water Paddling: Although more difficult, some people use SUPFoils on flat seas, taking advantage of the reduced drag.

Disadvantages and difficulties

Learning: More technical and requires a certain learning curve.

Cost: Equipment is generally more expensive.

Safety: Particular attention must be paid to safety, especially in downwind conditions.

What is a downwind?

Le “downwind est une nouvelle discipline spécifique qui combine le stand-up paddle (SUP) équipé d’un hydrofoil avec la pratique du down wind. 


Down wind: This refers to sailing with the wind at your back. In stand-up paddling, this means covering long distances using the wind and bumps to propel you forward.

Supfoil: This is a SUP equipped with a hydrofoil, a kind of underwater wing, which lifts the board above the water as speed increases, reducing resistance.

Downwind features

Exploiting Waves and Wind : The rider uses bumps and the wind to set off in flight.

Technique: This requires good rowing technique and the ability to read the conditions to choose the best trajectories and effectively exploit the waves and wind.

Incredible glide: Downwind offers unique, surf-like sensations, with the ability to “fly” over long distances.

Long-distance routes: Downwind routes are often long, taking advantage of favorable wind conditions to cover great distances. The 1st Open France Downwind took place in Crozon.


Reduced effort: Thanks to the foil, the effort required to maintain speed is lower than with a traditional SUP.

Accessibility to more conditions: Supfoils can exploit bumps and winds that traditional SUPs can’t.

Difficulties and precautions

Learning curve: Starting supfoil downwind can be difficult and requires experience in SUP and foil.

Safety: Because of the speed and distance involved, it’s important to take safety precautions, such as wearing a lifejacket and leash.

Specialized equipment: Choosing the right downwind equipment is crucial to a successful experience.

Which foil for downwind?

For a foil downwind (SUP or hydrofoil surfing), the choice of foil depends on several factors:

  • Rider weight : A heavier rider will require a foil with greater lift.
  • Wind conditions :
    • Light wind: A larger foil with more lift is preferable to generate more lift.
    • Strong wind: A smaller foil offers more control and stability.
  • Personal experience and preferences :
    • Beginners: A larger, more stable foil is ideal.
    • Experienced/Pro riders: They may prefer smaller foils for better handling and glide.
  • Construction du Foil : Les foils en carbone sont légers et performants, tandis que ceux en aluminium sont plus abordables mais plus lourds.

In terms of our range, we have accessibility-oriented foils like the Flyer or Performer that will enable you to make your first downwind in either supfoil or wing foil with ease.

We also have ranges developed specifically for this purpose. These include the Pure HA (High Aspect) range, which provides the ultimate glide for endless bumps.

You’ll find the ideal surface for your size on these product sheets.

Which board for downwind?

The choice of board for downwind, particularly stand-up paddle or prone foil, depends on several key factors:

  • Level of Experience:
    • Beginners: Choose a larger, more stable board, with more volume to make it easier to balance and take bumps.
    • Experienced Riders: They can opt for boards that are not necessarily shorter, or even longer, but on the other hand narrower, offering better responsiveness and control.
  • Rider Weight: Heavier riders will need more volume for adequate buoyancy.
  • Types:
    • SUP Downwind: Specially designed for downwind tand up paddles, they are long and narrow to encourage speed gain.
    • Hybrid: these are often wider boards which allow you to sail as a wing foil but also as a downwind supfoil.

In our AFS range, we have two boards for this practice:

  • AFS Whitebird, considered precisely as a hybrid board which will allow both downwinding and wingsurfing
  • AFS Blackbird initially specially developed for downwind supfoil practice. The 6’2 and 6’4 will remain on a hybrid shape and also work wonderfully in wingfoiling. The 7’6 and 8’0 are pure Downwind stand up paddles.


Foil And Co is the parent company of AFS. Its main mission is to relocate the production of our board sports equipment to France. Today, the company has 42 employees and is based in Brittany. We develop, produce and market under AFS. We also have 2 other brands, AHD and SEALION.

AFS was born within the AHD entity in 2009, with the launch of the first windsurf foil combo (board plus production foil). The historic model is the AFS-1, a foil dedicated to light wind freeride practice, with small sail surfaces (5.5m² in 10 knots of wind). Its field of use was later extended to SUP foils, with the Sealion range of boards, making it the first Stand Up Paddle-compatible foil on the market (2011). 2017 saw the launch of the AFS-2, a new-generation foil developed and manufactured in France. With it, AFS takes off and becomes a fully-fledged entity dedicated to foils. AFS’s vocation is to offer a more high-performance foiling experience, while retaining top-notch accessibility and stability to provide all riders with a safe ride thanks to full carbon construction. Thanks to our know-how and high standards, we are the leading foil manufacturer in France. At AFS, our customers feel they are listened to and supported in their choice.

AFS Advanced is a branch of AFS working on the development of an innovative experience. It’s a concentration of AFS know-how taken to the extreme. Being one step ahead and opening up new horizons in the world of foiling: that’s the role of AFS Advanced. It’s our way of concentrating our know-how and expertise to produce the most advanced designs. It’s the essence and the future of AFS. The essence of our know-how, pushed to the limits of its performance.

Our head office is located in Brittany, more precisely in Pencran, Finistère. We are located Espace Joseph Rolland – 29800 PENCRAN

All AFS foils are manufactured at our company in Pencran, France. All AFS Advanced boards are also made here. Some of our boards are made in Tunisia at Terminatech, as are our covers. Finally, although we haven’t yet managed to make the leap, our wings are now made in China, although all R&D is carried out in-house.

Depending on your size/practice, you’ll find different information on the sheets presenting our ranges directly. If you have the slightest doubt, our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal via the website chat (blue logo) at the bottom of your screen.

All materials shown are in stock. Delivery takes place within 48 hours of the order being placed.

All our products are packed in reinforced cardboard boxes. We ship all over the world, sometimes between distribution, private individuals, boats and planes… All our products are protected with various types of foam.

Don’t hesitate to contact us after 48 hours from the order date if you haven’t heard from us :). To do so, you can write to us directly on our chat page, where a team is at your disposal.

If the delivery has been accepted, simply create a ticket on If you have not yet received the order, feel free to unpack the parcel in front of the carrier. In the event of the slightest impact, you can refuse the parcel – no financial charge will be applied. We have insurance for this. A new parcel will then be returned to you.

You can contact our dealer network or our ambassadors. We also organize AFS Days, where you can test all AFS equipment.

You can contact us directly via the website chat where a team of passionate practitioners is on hand to answer your questions. This is the blue icon at the bottom of your screen.

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