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Would you like to invest in used wing foiling gear (winging, foilboard or hydrofoil) but are unsure which items to buy? Don’t hesitate to read the advice below, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our range (front, rear stabilizer, foil full set, etc.)

What brand of used foil should I buy and where?

Today, several used equipment resale platforms exist: facebook marketplace… You can find all types of board sports equipment (wingfoil, kitesurf, kite, windsurf, surf, etc.) and all brands: afs, north, fanatic, duotone, slingshot, etc. Just be careful with this type of platform, as you’re on a private-to-private sale. Here, we certify AFS equipment because we produce it ourselves. Products are available second-hand, refurbished and second choice in small quantities.

What's the difference between second-hand, reconditioned/refit, second choice?

A second-hand product is a product that has been browsed and exhibited at demo days or events. It has therefore already been used. It may have a few scratches or traces of use but no huge damages. A reconditioned/refit product is a second-hand product that we have put through our product chain to make as good as new. Each product received by our expert teams is carefully inspected, repaired and restored to its optimum condition, guaranteeing performance as reliable as that of a new product. We use the same materials, techniques, tools and decorative elements as our new foils and boards, because we know that performance counts as much as aesthetics. Once out of the factory, the equipment is ready to ride like new! A second choice product is a new product with an aesthetic defect that may have occurred during production. This in no way alters its mechanical performance, but the defect may be visible (positioning of stickers, paintwork, etc.). We do, however, apply a discount.

Why buy a reconditioned foil?

Foil And Co’s reconditioning offer was created with a clear objective in mind: to reduce our environmental footprint, while offering you even more affordable products. With this conviction in mind, we have created a reconditioning workshop to repair and refurbish all our products that can be repaired, whether it’s a returned product, damaged packaging or repurchased equipment. This enables us to offer second-hand foils from our own brand, with a one-year warranty and no unpleasant surprises after purchase.

What is checked on a reconditioned foil?

When we receive a component in our workshops, we follow strict specifications for each part.

To give you an idea, here are just a few of the overhauls a foil undergoes before it joins our reconditioned parts range:

  • Removal of superficial and/or deep scratches
  • Fitting stickers when they are torn or missing
  • Vernissage
  • Check that inserts and turntable are working properly
  • Check and adjust all docking points (wing/fuselage – fuselage/stabilizer – fuselage/mast)
  • Replacement of worn covers and hardware

And if you change your mind within 14 days of receiving your equipment, you can return it.

This reconditioning offer currently applies to our foils and boards. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have the expertise to refurbish our wings. However, all the wings for sale on this page are checked and inflated to ensure that they are in good working order.

Which foil is right for me?

The choice of a foil is mainly based on three criteria: level/gabarit/planned practice (freeride, wave, etc.). For someone just starting out in wingfoil, the last criterion can be dispensed with.

For a rider who has never practised board sports before, we recommend sizes with a surface area generally greater than 1500 cm2. This allows them to take off and enjoy themselves quickly. Our range includes Carver, Flyer and Performer foils (in larger sizes). Depending on your weight, you can find the exact size according to the range directly on the product sheet.

An “intermediate” rider – passing a few jibes – without having a 100% success rate can opt for smaller foils (under 1500 cmé). In our range, we recommend Performer foils.

Finally, an “advanced” rider can opt for our Pure and Silk ranges.

What's the best board size?

The bigger the board, the better it floats. For a first choice, a board that is +25/30 liters relative to your weight is ideal. This provides stability and a fast start to the plan. A 70 kg beginner will sail with a 95-liter board. Note that this volume is compatible with supfoil practice, so it’s versatile, but a board that’s too small will only punish you and won’t be usable for foil surfing either. Being comfortable to ride is the key to learning a new discipline. This is even truer for wing surfing than for kitesurfing and windsurfing!

Packages with the complete set (board, wing, foil) are also available.

Which wing?

Sails are smaller than in kitesurfing or windsurfing: this is one of the reasons for the success of this water sport. In the 10-20 knot range, for a sail size of 70-85kg, 5m2 is recommended. For those under 70kg, 4m2, and for those over 85kg, 6m2. For wingfoil use in light winds, a large foil is preferable to a large sail, which is rarely practical to handle.

In our range, we recommend the WILF for an accessible and versatile wing – the DIAMOND for an intermediate/advanced rider.

What's included?

All our foils are sold with accessories. For a complete foil, a protective case is supplied. For separate elements such as the front wing, stabilizer or fuselage, a cover is also supplied, along with all the necessary screws and bolts.

Wings are sold complete with carrying case and leashes.

Boards are delivered bare.

Are second-hand, reconditioned or second-choice foils and boards guaranteed?

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on all our refurbished products.

Why choose a used carbon foil (and especially not aluminum)?

5 arguments that make the difference between an aluminum foil and a carbon foil. 1- Rigidity : The carbon foil offers superior rigidity compared with aluminum, for better glide and enhanced feel during practice. 2 – Lightweight : The carbon construction makes the foil lighter, making it easier to lift out of the water after a session and enabling faster take-off, also offering advantages in freestyle. 3- Durability : The carbon foil is durable, and scratches can be lightly sanded away. This also makes it possible to optimize performance by sanding before competitions or more competitive sessions with friends. Repairs are also possible on a carbon foil. 4- Maintenance : Unlike aluminum foils, carbon foils require no special maintenance or post-session cleaning, eliminating corrosion problems. 5 – Long-term investment : Although carbon foils come at a higher price, their durability and ease of maintenance make them a worthwhile long-term investment. What’s more, it can be refurbished, offering the possibility of resale or upgrade. En résumé, le foil en carbone offre des avantages significatifs en termes de performances, de durabilité, d’entretien et d’investissement sur le long terme par rapport au foil en aluminium. Read our guide to the practice of wing foil.


Foil And Co is the parent company of AFS. Its main mission is to relocate the production of our board sports equipment to France. Today, the company has 42 employees and is based in Brittany. We develop, produce and market under AFS. We also have 2 other brands, AHD and SEALION.

AFS was born within the AHD entity in 2009, with the launch of the first windsurf foil combo (board plus production foil). The historic model is the AFS-1, a foil dedicated to light wind freeride practice, with small sail surfaces (5.5m² in 10 knots of wind). Its field of use was later extended to SUP foils, with the Sealion range of boards, making it the first Stand Up Paddle-compatible foil on the market (2011). 2017 saw the launch of the AFS-2, a new-generation foil developed and manufactured in France. With it, AFS takes off and becomes a fully-fledged entity dedicated to foils. AFS’s vocation is to offer a more high-performance foiling experience, while retaining top-notch accessibility and stability to provide all riders with a safe ride thanks to full carbon construction. Thanks to our know-how and high standards, we are the leading foil manufacturer in France. At AFS, our customers feel they are listened to and supported in their choice.

AFS Advanced is a branch of AFS working on the development of an innovative experience. It’s a concentration of AFS know-how taken to the extreme. Being one step ahead and opening up new horizons in the world of foiling: that’s the role of AFS Advanced. It’s our way of concentrating our know-how and expertise to produce the most advanced designs. It’s the essence and the future of AFS. The essence of our know-how, pushed to the limits of its performance.

Our head office is located in Brittany, more precisely in Pencran, Finistère. We are located Espace Joseph Rolland – 29800 PENCRAN

All AFS foils are manufactured at our company in Pencran, France. All AFS Advanced boards are also made here. Some of our boards are made in Tunisia at Terminatech, as are our covers. Finally, although we haven’t yet managed to make the leap, our wings are now made in China, although all R&D is carried out in-house.

Depending on your size/practice, you’ll find different information on the sheets presenting our ranges directly. If you have the slightest doubt, our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal via the website chat (blue logo) at the bottom of your screen.

All materials shown are in stock. Delivery takes place within 48 hours of the order being placed.

All our products are packed in reinforced cardboard boxes. We ship all over the world, sometimes between distribution, private individuals, boats and planes… All our products are protected with various types of foam.

Don’t hesitate to contact us after 48 hours from the order date if you haven’t heard from us :). To do so, you can write to us directly on our chat page, where a team is at your disposal.

If the delivery has been accepted, simply create a ticket on If you have not yet received the order, feel free to unpack the parcel in front of the carrier. In the event of the slightest impact, you can refuse the parcel – no financial charge will be applied. We have insurance for this. A new parcel will then be returned to you.

You can contact our dealer network or our ambassadors. We also organize AFS Days, where you can test all AFS equipment.

You can contact us directly via the website chat where a team of passionate practitioners is on hand to answer your questions. This is the blue icon at the bottom of your screen.

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