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Which foil range?

At AFS, we have several foil ranges to suit your practice. We can divide them into three categories:

  • Entry Level
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced

For Entry Level pilots, we have the Flyer range with two front wings (1500/1800). These foils have been developed to make flying easy and accessible. They’ll enable you to make your first flights in complete serenity and simplicity.

For an intermediate level, you’ll find the Performer foil. It has been developed as a continuation of the Flyer range. These foils have thinner profiles, and are more playful without losing accessibility. You can reduce the surface area (750/950/1250/1450/1650/1900) and still get more glide.

For advanced riders, we have the Pure and Silk ranges (which are also suitable for intermediate riders). The difference between the 2 is mainly down to practicality. The Pure (700/900) is a highly versatile foil that can be used for all disciplines. In fact, it’s the foil used by our GWA riders. It’s a world event that demands great versatility (freestyle, slalom, waves). We also have the Pure HA (800/1100): these slim-ratio wings have been developed for even more glide. They are ideal for downwind riding. Finally, the Pure 560 is a 100% race foil.

The Silk was developed primarily for waveriding. However, it also performs very well at low/medium speeds as a wing foil.

What size foil wings?

The choice of front wing size for a foil will mainly depend on the wing profile of the range and your body size.

Wings with thick profiles, like our Flyer range, will automatically have more lift than wings with thinner profiles, like our Performer range. So, for the same surface area, the wings of one brand will not have the same lift as those of another.

To help you choose the right size, please consult our product data sheets directly, which will tell you the right surface for your size.

Which foil mast?

What material to choose for your foil mast?

You have two choices for the material of your mast: carbon or aluminum.

Aluminum is ideal for beginners, as it is more economical. However, it requires more maintenance, is heavier and can be damaged more easily than carbon foils. It is widely used in wing foil schools. Progress in wingfoil is relatively rapid, and an aluminum mast for personal use can quickly become obsolete. Aluminum oxidizes faster than carbon. If you plan to ride in salt water, it’s best to opt for carbon.

Carbon poles offer better performance, giving riders a more responsive and precise feel. This translates directly into faster, more efficient progress.

What size mast to choose for your foil?

For foiling beginners, masts between 65 cm and 75 cm are recommended for use on flat water. These masts are also suitable for experienced riders in shallow spots. Once you’ve mastered the flying stages, you can move on to longer masts.

80/85 cm masts offer greater comfort and maneuverability in flight, making maneuvering easier.

90 cm and 100 cm masts increase angle of attack. They are recommended for experienced wingfoilers, offering greater speed, precision and wing control.

What does HR, HM, UHM mean?

Carbon fiber is characterized by its Young’s modulus, which in simple terms corresponds to its resistance to deformation (rigidity). The higher the Young’s modulus, the stiffer and more expensive the fiber. Today, carbon fibers can be classified in terms of stiffness in the following order:

  • Normal carbon (often referred to as this type of carbon when not specified)
  • HR carbon(High Resilient)
  • HM Carbone (High Modulus)
  • Carbone UHM (Ultra High Modulus)

A mast is also characterized by its thickness and width (called chord). So, for the same thickness, height and width, a HR carbon mast will be less rigid than a UHM carbon mast.

At the same time, reducing a mast’s thickness and chord will bring more glide. A high-performance mast will seek out these extremes. If you don’t modify the fibers, you lose rigidity. That’s why we work with HM and UHM carbon fibers.

Today, for example, in our range, an HR Carbon, HM Carbon or UHM Carbon mast has the same overall rigidity. However, they have different chords and thicknesses.

Quel mât chez AFS en fonction de ma pratique ?


Foil And Co is the parent company of AFS. Its main mission is to relocate the production of our board sports equipment to France. Today, the company has 42 employees and is based in Brittany. We develop, produce and market under AFS. We also have 2 other brands, AHD and SEALION.

AFS was born within the AHD entity in 2009, with the launch of the first windsurf foil combo (board plus production foil). The historic model is the AFS-1, a foil dedicated to light wind freeride practice, with small sail surfaces (5.5m² in 10 knots of wind). Its field of use was later extended to SUP foils, with the Sealion range of boards, making it the first Stand Up Paddle-compatible foil on the market (2011). 2017 saw the launch of the AFS-2, a new-generation foil developed and manufactured in France. With it, AFS takes off and becomes a fully-fledged entity dedicated to foils. AFS’s vocation is to offer a more high-performance foiling experience, while retaining top-notch accessibility and stability to provide all riders with a safe ride thanks to full carbon construction. Thanks to our know-how and high standards, we are the leading foil manufacturer in France. At AFS, our customers feel they are listened to and supported in their choice.

AFS Advanced is a branch of AFS working on the development of an innovative experience. It’s a concentration of AFS know-how taken to the extreme. Being one step ahead and opening up new horizons in the world of foiling: that’s the role of AFS Advanced. It’s our way of concentrating our know-how and expertise to produce the most advanced designs. It’s the essence and the future of AFS. The essence of our know-how, pushed to the limits of its performance.

Our head office is located in Brittany, more precisely in Pencran, Finistère. We are located Espace Joseph Rolland – 29800 PENCRAN

All AFS foils are manufactured at our company in Pencran, France. All AFS Advanced boards are also made here. Some of our boards are made in Tunisia at Terminatech, as are our covers. Finally, although we haven’t yet managed to make the leap, our wings are now made in China, although all R&D is carried out in-house.

Depending on your size/practice, you’ll find different information on the sheets presenting our ranges directly. If you have the slightest doubt, our team of enthusiasts is at your disposal via the website chat (blue logo) at the bottom of your screen.

All materials shown are in stock. Delivery takes place within 48 hours of the order being placed.

All our products are packed in reinforced cardboard boxes. We ship all over the world, sometimes between distribution, private individuals, boats and planes… All our products are protected with various types of foam.

Don’t hesitate to contact us after 48 hours from the order date if you haven’t heard from us :). To do so, you can write to us directly on our chat page, where a team is at your disposal.

If the delivery has been accepted, simply create a ticket on If you have not yet received the order, feel free to unpack the parcel in front of the carrier. In the event of the slightest impact, you can refuse the parcel – no financial charge will be applied. We have insurance for this. A new parcel will then be returned to you.

You can contact our dealer network or our ambassadors. We also organize AFS Days, where you can test all AFS equipment.

You can contact us directly via the website chat where a team of passionate practitioners is on hand to answer your questions. This is the blue icon at the bottom of your screen.

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