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100% WING-100% AFS 100% FIRE

AFS DNA on a board

Be free in flight

The AFS FIRE is a compact float with a reduced width to reduce the space required in flight. This compactness brings a better pumping efficiency.

A take-off quick

The AFS FIRE’s hull features a double concave design with a bulbous front end for optimal nose support on a tight outline (straight longitudinal rails). This support brings a better glide and allows to take off faster. On the backside, the AFS FIRE is marked by cut-outs that reduce the wet surface of the board. These free up the board for a real kick on takeoff.

Fire range


Volume : 70 L
Length : 4’9
Width: 600 mm
Thickness : 100 mm
Weight : 5.7 kg
Box : Double rail US


Volume : 80 L
Length : 5’2
Width: 618 mm
Thickness : 109 mm
Weight : 6 kg
Box : Double rail US


Volume : 90 L
Length : 5’5
Width: 635 mm
Thickness : 116 mm
Weight : 6.3 kg
Box : Double rail US


Volume : 110 L
Length : 5’8
Width: 647 mm
Thickness : 133 mm
Weight : 6.6 kg
Box : Double rail US

A boost instantaneous

Thanks to the straight and sharp rails combined with the tight outline of the board, the board is dynamic and firm. Touch and go are then immediate: touch&go.

Feel your foil

The deck is also worked with a slight concave to have a firmer support with a direct and precise contact with your foil.

A solid and durable board made of OSS Carbon construction.

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