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Performer Stabilisers

Stabilisers that bring combinations of speed, glide, manoeuvrability and stability.  

Reach your peak

Thanks to refined profiles and chords, the Performer will allow you to accelerate and turn while keeping control in all winds.

On the water

The Performer stabilisers are developed to specialise in specific Winging disciplines. The Performer SURF is available in 160 and 190 and brings dynamism to your wave downwind and freeride sessions. The Performer RS is available in 230 and 260 providing high speed  stability for racing and freeride.

Performer range

RS 230

Span: 435 mm
Surface area: 230 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 8.2

RS 260

Span: 480 mm
Surface area: 260 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 8.8

Surf 160

Span: 361 mm
Surface area: 160 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 8.1

Surf 190

Span: 397 mm
Surface area: 190 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 8.3

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