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Fire V2

The flagship of your Quiver!  — Designed to heighten your limits.

The AFS team, always at the forefront of innovation, presents the AFS FIRE V2, 100% wingfoil board.

If you’ve already experienced the incredible sensations of this sport and want to continue progressing, these boards will undoubtedly propel you to a higher level.

This year, the shape has been significantly modernized. A bulb at the front, evolving into a step, reveals a beautiful square tail, inspired by the famous Pro 4’5.

Compact shape

Have nothing under your feet! The compact shape of the Fire V2 minimizes in-flight bulk.

This compactness improves pumping efficiency and provides a lighter feeling in turns. An ideal board for sending it or enjoying a freeride session with ease.

Bulb nose

The volume cleverly added to the nose will assist you during jump landings, preventing nose dives when riding with a volume close to your weight.

OSS Carbon Construction

The Full sandwich Carbon construction with an embedded deck provides a finer and more direct feel when piloting the board in freefly and at high speeds.

This proven construction allows you to land the biggest jumps without damaging your board. The best weight-to-strength ratio on the market.

No more hesitations before getting into challenging conditions!

The Fire V2 will always bring you back home. This square tail also helps the board plane faster on takeoff, allowing you to use smaller foils.

Stability is the key

We’ve maintained width at the back of the board to ensure maximum stability. The roll axis is fixed when the board is at a standstill.

Dynamic feeling

The foil box is integrated into the step to reduce the distance between the foil and your feet, ensuring unparalleled control and responsiveness.

The feeling of being one with the foil is amplified. The piloting is dynamic and responsive.

Advanced Hull

We’ve evolved the previous cutouts of the Fire into a lighter and more straightforward step.

The stepped hull is a concept derived from racing boats seeking to plane quickly. The step creates a depression behind it, which sucks in air from the edges of the hull.

An air cushion forms, reducing friction, and as the board accelerates, the wetted surface of the board decreases dramatically, reducing drag. This allows for earlier takeoff compared to a flat hull.

The curved hull absorbs impacts by distributing water flow during touches, saving you from unnecessary falls.

The Fire V2 will provide an unparalleled smooth sensation without penalizing your piloting errors.

Board characteristics

Fire 5'2

Length 5'2/157.4 cm
Width 23.5"/59.6 cm
Volume 80L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 5.7 kg

Fire 5'5

Length 5'5/165.1 cm
Width 24.5"/62.2 cm
Volume 90L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 6.0 kg

Fire 5'8

Length 5'8/172.7 cm
Width 25.5"/64.7 cm
Volume 100L
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon
Weight 6.4 kg

Fire V2

The flagship of your Quiver!

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