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Flyer Full Set

The ultra fun foil for initiation and progression in wingfoil

The Flyer foil is designed to accompany you on your first wingfoil flights and beyond.

Its smooth takeoff, stability, control, and predictability make it the ideal foil to easily learn how to fly, go upwind, perform your first manoeuvres, and even venture into small waves under a wing.

Its great versatility allows the Flyer to accompany you throughout your progression, without the need to change foils.

Enjoy long-lasting reliability and performance with this exceptionally forgiving and efficient foil.

Early take off

Designed for early takeoff, the Flyer range provides immediate, intuitive, and progressive takeoff previously associated with far larger foils.

The Flyer foil offers high levels of stability and comfort to wingfoil beginners and progressive riders who then can be free to enjoy the wider foiling sensations.

The surface area provides great tolerance and stability.

Full Carbon Construction

It offers the best weight/strength/stiffness ratio. Advanced AFS carbon foil construction has a lightweight and durable characteristic.

Having a lighter, stiffer foil set allows for quicker takeoff and more enjoyable, efficient, responsive flight. A carbon mast is impossible to permanently bend.


As a comparative example, a carbon foil can be up to half the weight of aluminium, sometimes saving approx 3kg in foil set weight!

Easy care

Durability adds to the numerous advantages of a carbon foil. Maintenance of a carbon foil is so simple, simply rinse with water to keep connections sand free and enjoy zero corrosion.

No need for additional products to apply to the foil or screws. In the case of surface damage to the foil, scratches or chips, no problem, a carbon foil is easily repaired.

Plug And Play

The goal is to minimise assembly time to maximise your time on the water.Assembly is securely achieved, simply using minimal screws

3 for the front foil
2 for the stabiliser
2 for the mast/ fuselage

For storage, you can simply leave your foil assembled less the mast, without the risk of corrosion thanks to the full carbon construction.

The Flyer Foil Set also enjoys forwards looking compatibility throughout the AFS Foil range.

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