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Logo de construction pur
La lettre h est tracée en noir sur un fond noir
Dessin en noir et blanc d'un bateau sur fond noir
Dessin en noir et blanc d'un couteau

Pure foiling


A sleek, elongated logo featuring a high aspect ratio, showcasing a sophisticated design

The foil shape with its high aspect ratio and very thin chord profile, allows to reduce the induced drag to a minimum. It is a superbly efficient foil with excellent glide.

Logo de construction UHM en carbone Kevlar

Use of a Ultra High Modulus Carbon / Kevlar combination allows all elements to be optimised giving Pure Foil performance.

The logo for Ultra Thin People features a stylized silhouette of a slender figure, with the brand name in bold, modern font.

The ultra thin Chord profile of the foil further eliminates drag. The glide feeling is increased tenfold. It is a superbly efficient foil providing excellent gliding sensations and rider feel.

Alt text: The monobloc structure logo features a sleek, modern design with bold lines and a minimalist aesthetic

The foil is directly moulded with the fuselage, in one piece, allowing a continuity of the structural carbon fibres. This process gives increased strength, rigidity and lightness to the piece by eliminating the screw connection. The feeling between the rider and the foil is direct, rider and foil becoming one, developing more feel and control. The hydrodynamic flow is optimal, without turbulence, pure.

Logo de la forme de cloche

The anhedral shape allows a superior turning ability. The phenomenon of ventilation no longer exists. The wing tips can flirt with the surface of the water without risk.

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