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Mât HM Carbone


Glide, sailing comfort, and control under your feet

The AFS HM range will allow you to practice in all disciplines.

Tailored mast lengths

The 85cm length provides great versatility and tolerance in use.

It will be the ideal weapon if you practice more than 60% in wing foil and the rest in sup foil, surf foil, etc.

The 80cm length makes it a mast between the surf program and the wing program.

It is perfect if you have a 50/50 ratio.

Optimized shape

The mast is designed in two distinct zones

The lower part, submerged during navigation, with a cord and thickness providing maneuverability and glide.

The upper part, with a cord and thickness evolving towards the plate to ensure a rigid connection with the board. In comparison, an aluminum mast will need to be thicker, resulting in a heavier mast with less glide.

Lightweight and maintenance-free:

The full carbon UHM construction provides rigidity and lightness to the foil.

Similarly, you will no longer be bothered by marine aggressions such as corrosion that could weaken it.

High Modulus Carbon Construction

Our AFS HM masts are manufactured with high-end construction. Indeed, HM carbon fiber is up to 1.5 times stiffer than standard carbon fiber. These properties allow us to use fewer fibers to achieve superior rigidity.

 The term “HM” stands for High Modulus, which refers to a type of carbon fiber with a higher Young’s modulus than standard carbon fiber. In other words, it has a greater ability to maintain its shape under stress.

Fuse Link

This system is based on a tapered assembly for a connection of the mast around the fuselage, preserving the inertia of the latter.

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