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How to choose the right AFS carbon mast

The mast is an essential part of your foil, so it is important to choose the right one. Here are some tips on how to choose the AFS mast that suits you, depending on your level, your practice and the navigation conditions.
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HR Carbon mast

The HR mast is the most versatile model in the AFS range. It offers an excellent compromise between glide, stability and maneuverability.




100% CArbon

It is made of HR carbon, a material that offers good stiffness and reduced weight.

This type of mast is more stable, softer and offers excellent handling. It’s ideal for learning the basics of foiling and for sailing in difficult conditions. It’s still a super-rigid mast, and a superb piece of Made in France technology that’s highly upgradeable: you won’t be confined to your first flights at all!

HM Carbon mast

The HM mast is slightly thinner than the HR mast. It therefore offers better glide and higher performance, especially in terms of speed and maneuverability.




100% CArbon

It’s made from HM carbon and is available in two lengths, 80 and 85 cm.

This makes it more suitable for experienced riders looking for optimum performance. It’s ideal for sailing in average conditions or for taking your riding to the next level.

Incredibly scalable and versatile, these masts can be adapted to all types of riding, combining rapid learning with top-flight performance

UHM Carbon mast

The UHM mast is the sharpest model in the AFS range. It offers the best performance in terms of glide, speed and handling, worthy of world-class competition. 




100% CArbon

It’s made from UHM carbon, an ultra-high-performance material that offers exceptional rigidity, allowing us to fine-tune the mast for unparalleled glide.

Its length ranges from 75 to 95 cm, making it suitable for experienced or pro riders looking to get the best out of every discipline.

This type of mast is the finest. The rare materials of which it is made, the work on its profile resulting from years of commitment at the highest level in competition as well as on your spots, and its thinness offer the best possible performance. It’s ideal for competition or extreme sailing conditions.

Which mast for which practice?

If you’re a beginner or intermediate wingfoil, surf foil or dockstart rider, we recommend an HR (High Rigidity) mast. Its 80 cm length makes it suitable for a wide range of disciplines, enabling you to discover them and progress further with performance.
If you’re an intermediate or advanced rider, you can choose an HM (High Modulus) mast. This type of mast is thinner yet just as rigid as the HR. It therefore offers greater performance. Its two lengths allow for a wide range of disciplines: dockstart (80 cm), downwind (80 cm), surf foil (80 cm), wing foil (85 cm) and wake foil (80 cm).
If you’re an expert rider, you can choose a UHM (Ultra High Modulus) mast. It’s as rigid as ever, but with unrivalled glide. The numerous mast sizes allow you to practice all disciplines, up to competitive level, but also kite foil (85 and 95cm). Compared with other masts, they also excel in downwind (75 cm).

Choose your practice and conditions

The second criteria to consider is your riding style. If you practice wingfoiling, surffoiling or SUP foiling, we recommend you choose a multi-purpose mast between 75 and 85cm. This type of mast is suitable for all sailing practices and conditions.
And depending on the sport you practice, you should also take into account the conditions in which you’ll be sailing regularly. If you often sail in strong winds, we recommend you choose a taller mast (85 cm or more), to give you more angle and help you get through the chop.
Note that in surfing and downwind conditions, we tend to reduce the height (80 or 75cm) to concentrate on support when conditions are more rough.

Compare the different models

Once you’ve taken these criteria into account, you can compare the different AFS mast models available. We recommend that you read other users’ reviews and seek professional advice.


Choosing the right mast depends on a number of factors, including your level, discipline and preferences.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate wing rider, su, the HR mast is an excellent choice. It offers a good compromise between performance and ease of use.

If you’re an experienced rider looking for optimum performance, the HM or UHM masts are the best choice. They offer exceptional glide and incomparable flying sensations depending on your style and practise.

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