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Pure HA Fuselink Foil Full Set

The purest glide – Screws, covers, cases
The PURE 800 HA and PURE 1100 HA excel in low to moderate energy sources. They offer infinite glide while retaining excellent manoeuvrability. Fuselink compatible.

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One-piece structure
Ultra-slim profile
Construction UHM Carbone
Super High Aspect Ratio

Aile avant monobloc

Surface (cm2) 800 | 1100
Span (mm) 1000 |1100
Aspect Ratio 13 | 11
Cord max (mm) 100 | 125
Thickness max (mm) 11.6 | 14.5
Fuselage size (mm) 572 | 553
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight (kg) 1.8 | 1.85
Screw size



Surface (cm2) 135 | 165
Span (mm) 350 | 400
Aspect Ratio 9.1 | 9.7
Cord max (mm) 46.8 | 49.1
Thickness max (mm) 5.95 | 6.1
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight (kg) 0.1 | 0.1
Screw size 12
Compatibility Pure HA800 | Pure HA1100


HR Carbon Mast

Length (cm) 80
Cord min (mm) 135
Thickness min (mm) 16
Screw size (mast/fuselage) M8x40mm
Construction HR Carbon
Weight (kg) 1,6


HM Carbon Mast

Length (cm) 80 | 85
Cord min (mm) 120 | 120
Thickness min (mm) 15 | 15
Screw size (mast/fuselage) M8x40mm
Construction HM Carbon
Weight (kg) 1,9 | 2


UHM Carbon Mast

Length (cm) 75 | 80 | 85 | 95
Cord min (mm) 100 | 115 | 115 | 120
Thickness min (mm) 12.8 | 13.8 | 13.5 | 12.3
Screw size (mast/fuselage) M8x40mm
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight (kg) 1,5 | 2 | 2,3 | 2,3


Wing foil / Downwind performance / Sup foil
This product comes with a three-year warranty.
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How to use the product

Assemble your foil in no time with just a few screws. Two for the stabiliser and two for the mast/fuselage connection.
You can leave your foil fully assembled. The only thing to check, especially when the foil is new, is the tightness of the wings and especially the Tbar in the case of a demountable foil. The parts are going to be made during the first sessions and may move a little.
At AFS we have always used full carbon. Full carbon means no corrosion or oxidation, so you don’t really need to rinse your foil. It’s just a quick rinse with clean water to remove any impurities that may be created by hydrocarbons or algae, depending on your spot.
It is not recommended to store wet foils in their covers. Storing a wet foil in a closed, unventilated cover can lead to discolouration or colour transfer, even if there is no mechanical risk of oxidation.
That’s the advantage of carbon, you don’t need to add anything – just ride!


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