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Pure 700/900

The best design to win

AFS PURE foils are aimed at the advanced to expert rider looking for high performance. Whether you’re into serious competition or racing with your mates, boosting airs and tricks or you ride to carve and connect waves, then the Pure program is tailor made for you.

We have developed the Pure range with one goal : giving our world tour riders the best tools to win.

Camber profile

For this new version of our Pure 700 and 900, our team rider’s favourite foils, we have pushed the aspect ratio above 9 (700 : 9.6 and 900 : 9.2) while slimming the fuselage profile overall and adapting the fuselink connection.

The result is a foil with less drag delivering amazing glide, speed and carving abilities.

Slashing effect

As we have increased the span, we’ve paid a lot of attention to the maneuvrabilty on roll obviously but on yaw as well.

The foil is very playful and gives you the ability to be more aggressive in your transitions with the possibility to get a sliding/slashing effect.

Bombproof freestyle construction

As our riders take part in contests throughout the world, we wanted them to feel secure with the gear.

This is why our Pure range is a bombproof freestyle construction, meant to take the biggest landings and hold strong with a much reinforced connection between the front wing and the fuselage.

2 stab positions

As the foil is intended to be used as a very high performance allrounder, 2 stab positions are present
The forward position for more pitch reactivity and better efficiency in jumps while the rear position will give you more control on the pitch in race and speed runs.

Pure 700 and 900 also perform incredibly well in the surf, their glide and pumping abilities will help you connect as many waves as your legs allow…

Wind range

Wind range ≤75kg >75kg
10–20 knots Pure 700 Pure 900
>20 knots Pure 700 Pure 700

Pure 700

Surface 700 cm2
Span 820 mm
Aspect Ratio 9.6
Max chord 112 mm
Max thickness 11.5 mm
Fuselage length 574 mm
Construction UHM Carbon

Pure 900

Surface 900 cm2
Span 900 mm
Aspect Ratio 9.2
Max chord 137 mm
Max thickness 14.1 mm
Fuselage length 555 mm
Construction UHM Carbon
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