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Tracer stabilizer

An all-round stabilizer

Versatile, scalable and with no surprises

The Tracer stabilizer is the all-terrain of the range. From 200 to 440, it offers perfect control to give you total confidence in any situation.

Symmetrical shape

Its compact, stable profile lets you jibe without worrying about your wing and, above all, surf without thinking about it. In fact, the variable leading-edge diameter provides maneuverability and a smaller footprint. A thicker leading edge in the center avoids any deformation of your WILF at high range or during your jumps. A thinner diameter at the ends lets the WING “breathe” to optimize fluid flow.

Tracer range


Span : 390 mm
Surface : 200 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 7.6
Screw size : 25 mm


Span : 440 mm
Surface : 250 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 7.7
Screw size : 25 mm


Span : 480 mm
Surface : 310 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 7.4
Screw size : 25 mm


Span : 580 mm
Surface : 440 cm2
Aspect Ratio : 7.6
Screw size : 25 mm

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