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DW Performance By Laurent Borgna: The Ultra is designed to deliver maximum performance for downwind enthusiasts. With a wide range of use, maximum efficiency, and infinite glide, it’s nicknamed the “glide-ator.” Cover kilometers effortlessly.

Ultra high aspect #glide-ator 😉

Ultra high aspect, at AR14 (surface Area 750cm2) average and top speeds are exceptional. A developed combination of sweep / aspect ratio/construction gives this foil an efficiency level in passive glide and pumping, that exceeds all previous known experience.

Rail-to-rail speed has been optimised to enhance control and manoeuvrability despite its high aspect and wide span.

Wide use range

The tubercles on the leading edge further allow for the use of an ultra-fast profile with impressive take off and low stall speeds.

Monobloc structure

The front foil is integrally moulded, one piece, with the fuselage. Allowing for continuous structural carbon fibres to maximise strength and stiffness with minimal section dimensions with perfect hydrodynamic flow to maximise glide.

Monobloc provides the rigidity that is demanded for perfect force transmission, unparalleled control, and ultra-precise foil piloting for Ultra performance. Modular stabiliser and positioning system for further performance versatility.


UHM Carbon Construction

Use of UHM (Ultra High Modulus) carbon. Ultra materials for Ultra foils, essential to form and deliver the necessary rigidity for foils combining large wingspan and very thin profile.

Ultra HA 750

Surface 750 cm2
Span 1024 mm
Aspect Ratio 14
Chord 95 mm
Thickness 12.3 mm
Fuselage 579 mm
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight TBA
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