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Diamond V2

Parental Advisory, explicit performance

For this second edition of our iconic DIAMOND, we focused on three key areas: Materials, material placement, and design. The result, distinctly enhanced performance, lightness and durability.
The V2 Diamond offers exemplary behaviour for high-performance enthusiasts in all disciplines. Direct, responsive feel, optimized power distribution while maintaining excellent all-wind stability, speed, handling and comfort of use.

Tri Radial Cut

Pioneers in this type of design, the tri radial cut is also fundamental to the DIAMOND V2. A tri radial cut wing, characterised by the optimised orientation of the panels according to the forces. This assembly provides superior control over the shape of the wing under use. It offers increased strength and durability, and longevity of the wing, whilst also providing more stability, control and therefore performance.

Slim Strut Design

The Diamond V2 model offers a highly developed and specific strut shape.
The depth of the camber of the Diamond V2 is maintained, while keeping the canopy taut. Navigation is therefore more precise, pleasant and easy, allowing you to fully enjoy the power of the wing.
This relaxes the rear arm and makes navigation more comfortable, especially in a switched, toe-side position.

High Tech Material

Diamond V2 utilises the strength and weight advantages of Dyneema within the central sections of the leading edge with our new Challenge Code 155/160 Dacron on the ears.



This gives a very rigid central structure while allowing the tips of the wing to breathe. The precise combination of these two materials offers unmatched power, stability, control and performance, as well as lightness in freefly.

Optimized materials

All the diameters of our bladders have been optimized to provide better volume distribution.

Utilising high end Dyneema materials has allowed us to reduce the diameter of the leading edge to reduce drag, increase controlled stiffness  and increase the overall performance of the wing.

Handle to Boom

Delivered with rigid handles, an interchangeable handle system allows you to customise between rigid handles and a boom to perfectly match your preferences. Rigid handles for comfort and ergonomics – Use a boom for the same with increased options of precision hand placement.

Accurate Inflation

Two separate inflation valves to optimize pressure levels independently in the leading edge and central strut. This ensures the designed, dynamic wing profile is maintained throughout use, giving desired, reliable performance and stability. Deflation efficiency is also enhanced with separate valves.

Available in 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6

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