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PURE HA800 & HA1100

The PURE HA800 and PURE HA1100, are extremely efficient foils that excel in low to moderate energy sources.

The aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of 11 for the Pure HA1100 and 13 for the Pure HA800 foils offer superior levels of glide, their highly developed, specialist and expert design also give welcome usability.

The efficient lift allows you the longest glides making the very best of any bumps and swells that come your way. This is achieved thanks to an impressive evolution of speed range, both fast and slow speed capabilities, efficient take off, low stall speed, and great pumping speed for foils of this size.

The PURE HA800 and PURE HA1100 also have very thin foil sections that deliver maximum glide at very high speeds.

Fuselage connection

The Pure HA800 and HA1100 benefits from the Fuselink innovation which significantly improves stiffness, weight and glide. Manoeuvrability is enhanced with the mast being 1cm closer to the front foil.

We have shortened the fuselage by 2 cm to further enhance manoeuvrability while maintaining optimal control. Both of these HA foils offer excellent manoeuvrability, particularly at moderate speed.


Сombination Carbon Construction

Construction of the foil is in a combination of market leading UHM and HM full carbon, enabling thin, light, fast, stiff and robust sections to be enjoyed giving the rider the best feel and riding sensations.

They are a very versatile, user friendly foil despite the theoretically exclusive nature.

The ideal use of these two foils are wing foiling, downwind riding, and of course, high-performance SUP foiling in downwind conditions taking advantage of exceptional glide these foils have to offer.
You can also surf foil with these two PURE HA 800 and 1100. In small energy sources, in small soft waves, the exceptional glide of these foils allows for seamless pumping and traveling across the spot to make multiple connections.
PURE800 + HM80
PURE800 + HM85
PURE800 + HR80
PURE800 + UHM75
PURE800 + UHM80
PURE800 + UHM85
PURE800 + UHM95

You can set up any AFS fuselink mast on and stabilizers.

PURE1100 + HM80
Pure1100 + HM85
Pure1100 + HR80
Pure1100 + UHM75
Pure1100 + UHM80
Pure1100 + UHM85
Pure1100 + UHM95

Front wing characteristics


Surface 800 cm2
Span 1000 mm
Aspect Ratio 13
Chord 100 mm
Thickness 11,6 mm
Fuselage 572 mm
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight 1,8 kg


Surface 1100 cm2
Span 1100 mm
Aspect Ratio 11
Chord 125 mm
Thickness 14,5 mm
Fuselage 553 mm
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight 1,85 kg
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